English Matters | English and Dutch lessons, summer courses

Looking for ways to learn or to improve your English ?

English Matters offers  you the following services in a unique English setting :

  • English lessons tailored to your needs; all levels (from Beginner’s to Advanced), all topics (general to specialist/academic), individually or in groups, summer courses for youngsters and book discussion clubs
  • in situ-training for professionals : language classes (pronunciation, grammar ...), theme-based seminars (e.g. Business English, negotiations, persuasion techniques, e-mails, giving oral presentations/speeches, intercultural communication)
  • translation into English of short texts (e.g. brochures, websites)
  • editing of English texts
  • voice acting, dubbing and voice-over  (Received Pronunciation)
  • Dutch lessons available  upon request

English Matters is committed to finding a solution to your specific problems

‘’Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."

Chinese Proverb